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Synthetic Biology

Part of Seqens group, Alganelle is an innovative biotechnology company at the cutting edge of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. This biotech offers sustainable and safe production of high value and biobased ingredients, tackling societal and environmental key challenges.
Synthetic Biology

Development of metabolites, bioactive peptides, polypeptides and proteins

Our goal is to answer consumers’ demands for products not only efficient but also from non-animal origin, biobased, preserving biodiversity and the environment.

Alganelle works on the development of metabolites and more than 30 families of bioactive peptides, polypeptides and proteins with cosmetic or therapeutic applications.

Based on 30 years of experience and 4 patents, Alganelle develops disruptive technologies in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. These technologies applied to various microorganisms for the biobased production of metabolites (such as polysaccharides), bioinspired and bioactive peptides, polypeptides and proteins as proprietary products and other products co-developed with industry leaders (for customized bioproduction and/or microalgae optimization).

Our breakthrough technologies allow efficient recombinant production of small bioactive peptides to complex and large polypeptides and proteins (5 to > 950 amino acids): 

  • Soluble (without insoluble aggregates),
  • and properly folded (with endogenous formation of disulfide bonds, if necessary, essential for the stability and activity of numerous proteins).

More than 30 families of bioactive peptides, complex polypeptides, and large proteins (or enzymes) have been produced to date in Alganelle.

Focused on cosmetic, biomedical, pharmaceutical markets, Alganelle provides its customers with very high-quality control ingredients, improving health and life quality, 100% biobased.

These ingredients are safer (avoiding immunogenic and pathogenic risks, heavy metal presence, irregular reproducibility, and societal concerns) and obtained from sustainable and differentiating processes that preserve respect the biodiversity and the environment. They are obtained not from scarce resources or animals, without disturbing ecosystems, without overexploiting marine and land resources and without using hazardous solvents nor expensive chemical reagents.

Alganelle’s products and disruptive technologies are the next generation of biotechnology. The one that is multicolored because it covers all the areas of biotechnology, from white (industrial) to red (Medicine and human health), blue (marine and fresh water), green (agriculture), and yellow (food).

Since its inception ten years ago, Alganelle is convinced that synthetic biology is a game-changing technology for next-generation biotechnology and is key to design biological systems, create and accelerate the development of innovative molecules or to improve existing production processes.

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Robust industrial chassis using traditional and novel cell factories optimized by synthetic biology

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in genetic and metabolic engineering, Alganelle designs and builds new whole cell biocatalysts from various microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, cell plant stem cells as well as microalgae, novel promising cell factories, thanks to our rare know-how.

The choice between these microorganisms will be in function of the molecule of interest to produce.

Our optimized strains are robust industrial chassis with competitive production costs achievable at industrial scale, grown in reproducible and controlled conditions using Seqens Biotech’s fermenters or photobioreactors.

The European commission identifies microalgae as novel cell factories and part of the 50 most significant bio-based innovations for the next 5-20 years (Source: “Life and Biological Sciences and Technologies as Engines for Bio-based Innovation”, April 2021).

Microalgae are low-carbon production systems with positive impacts fitting with sustainability and quality requirements biomass.

Indeed, microalgae species used by Alganelle are totally safe without infectious agent to humans (no virus, no prions and no bacterial toxins) and are recognized as safe (GRAS status; Generally Recognized As Safe) by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Moreover, microalgae are unicellular and photosynthetic microorganisms at the origin of life. Through photosynthesis using sunlight energy, microalgae have the ability:
  • to capture atmospheric CO2 and metabolize it for their growth into a wide array of high value products with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and used widely by cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and feed industries,
  • While producing more than 50% of oxygen essential for life on earth.

Thus, because of their ability to capture CO2, microalgae have low nutritional needs for their growth and can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from human activities and to the decarbonization of industries.

Microalgae, robust industrial chassis, are able to grow:

  • In photobioreactors under autotrophic (light energy and CO2), mixotrophic (light energy, CO2 and an organic carbon source)
  • or in fermenters heterotrophic (in the dark and only an organic carbon source) conditions.

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