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Operations integrity

SEQENS operates in several countries around the world and is committed to conducting its business with integrity.
Operations integrity

Ethics & Integrity

Integrating ethical values into our daily activities is essential to remain faithful to our commitments to stakeholders, to protect our image and reputation, and to protect our employees.

Business integrity includes respect for international human rights law in all countries where the company operates, the fight against corruption and exemplary CSR performance. SEQENS is convinced that the expression of its ethical principles and convictions, both within its entities and with its partners, allows us to inspire confidence to our clients, a confidence that generates dynamism.


Train 100% of exposed employees and newcomers to the SEQENS code of ethics.
Cover 60% of the value of purchases with a CSR performance assessment by 2025 (via Ecovadis or a CSR questionnaire).


SEQENS is committed to being a recognized partner for ethical and compliance practices in all of its activities and to conducting its business in compliance with laws and regulations, with integrity wherever it operates in the world.

Our approach
In order to set out the guiding principles and requirements for responsible and ethical behavior on a daily basis, the Group’s Code of Ethics was updated in January 2021 to integrate into a single document:
  • The code of conduct (fight against corruption and influence peddling, conflicts of interest, representation of interests, relations with public authorities)
  • The SEQENS ethical charter (fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, international business practices, health and safety, labor policy, respect for the environment, respect for free competition, protection of personal data, respect for and protection of Group assets).
SEQENS believes that no major compliance dispute can or should interfere with the management of its business. To this end, the Group ensures that all its employees are aware of the code of ethics and has set itself the objective of training 100% of exposed employees and new arrivals in the SEQENS code of ethics.
  • 95% of exposed employees trained in the code of ethics by 2022
  • 25% of new entrants proactively trained in the code of ethics by 2022

Responsible procurement

As a major player in the industry, SEQENS Group is committed to being an ethical, trustworthy and compliant business partner throughout its supply chain.

Our approach
SEQENS attaches great importance to the fact that all its partners (customers, suppliers, subcontractors and intermediaries) share a common set of rules, practices and principles in terms of business ethics, labor and respect for the environment. In this respect, and in accordance with its responsible purchasing policy, the SEQENS Group is committed to implementing responsible purchasing practices.
The Group’s objective is to cover 60% of the amount of purchases by a CSR performance evaluation by 2025 (via Ecovadis or a CSR questionnaire).
48% of the purchase amount covered by an Ecovadis assessment in 2022