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A global leader in pharmaceutical solutions, custom specialties and personal care

SEQENS is a world leader in the development and production of active ingredients pharmaceutical intermediates, specialty ingredients and cosmetics and personal care products. SEQENS is a world leader in the development and production of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, specialty ingredients and cosmetics and personal care products, with 23 production sites, 10 R&D centers and 3,500 employees in 9 countries, and sales of 1.4 billion euros. An integrated player across the entire value chain, from raw materials to active ingredients active ingredients and from research and development to industrialization SEQENS offers a broad portfolio of portfolio of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty ingredients, develops and industrializes the most demanding molecules, and relies on its ability to innovate, develop and implement the best available technologies. Driven not only by a culture of excellence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, but also by agility and responsiveness, our employees are committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to more than 1,000 customers worldwide while acting ethically in accordance with our environmental, social and governance program.

A unique expertise and know-how

Our mission is to bring our R&D and industrial capabilities to bear on our customers’ projects, thanks to a unique range of skills and a broad spectrum of technologies.
In our R&D centers around the world, more than 300 scientists, engineers and experts work with our customers on customized solutions for the production of their ingredients and molecules at an industrial scale.

An integrated partner

Seqens supports its customers in the production of active ingredients, from the early clinical phases to industrialization and marketing. The group masters the production of a vast portfolio of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and generics.
Seqens also develops custom specialty products for the most demanding industries.
Driven by a culture of excellence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, our 3,500 employees are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and quality.

A continuum of skills and technologies

Our R&D and innovation capabilities allow us to develop customized solutions to accelerate our customers’ projects.
Discover our expertise and key technologies to manufacture complex molecules for small and large scale applications.

Our key expertise
A continuum of skills and technologies

Key figures

scientists, experts, and engineers involved
R&D center

The group’s values

Guided by a true entrepreneurial spirit, SEQENS success is based on our culture of excellence with the constant goal of providing our customers with the highest level of service and the best performing products.
Respect and concern for the individual define our identity. The company provides its employees with optimal working conditions for their development and the achievement of their goals. Attentive to the territories where our facilities are located, Seqens is committed to the development of local initiatives that are important to the communities and the environment.
Finally, Seqens and all its subsidiaries are committed to complying with the most stringent laws and regulations (in particular the anti-bribery law) that govern our activities worldwide by following a strict line of conduct. Seqens ensures that all persons involved in business relationships (employees, suppliers and customers), and in particular those recruited and acting on our behalf, undertake to comply with the legal provisions and rules defined by the Seqens Code of Conduct when carrying out their activities.

Encourage initiative to generate new opportunities. Constant desire to go further and to progress. Act with a sense of responsibility for the company’s success.
Ensure an environment conducive to teamwork, mutual aid and individual achievement. Support others, putting the common good ahead of personal interests.
Customer focus
To accompany our customers towards the best solutions and to offer them a high level of quality.
Remain determined and consistent despite obstacles to achieve our goals. Overcome challenges as a team.
Agility & reactivity
Promote rapid decision making and constantly adapt to changes in our environment.

We manufacture a broad range of ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry : Generic and custom API’s, Intermediates and Excipients

We manufacture a wide range of ingredients for the personal care market.

We develop custom specialties ingredients and manufacture high quality specialized chemical products

Our history

2003 – 2011
Building a solid industrial base
  • Creation of Novacap Group in 2003
  • Launch of Isopropanol unit (IPA) at Roussillon
  • Implementing concrete CSR objectives to meet the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.
2011 – 2015
Transition to pharmaceutical markets
  • First acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical sector
  • Acquisition of one of the leaders in Aspirin and Paracetamol (Novacyl)
  • Acquisition of a German company manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty intermediates (Uetikon)
  • Development of “Solvents” activities
  • Launch of the isopropyl acetate unit (IPAC)
2015 – 2020
Acceleration and expansion to create an integrated pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients player
  • Expansion of R&D capabilities and services with the creation of the SEQENS’LAB
  • Expansion of our CDMO business
  • Acquisition of PCAS, specialized in the development and production of complex molecules for life sciences and innovative technologies (CDMO)
  • Acquisition of PCI Synthesis, an American company specialized in the development and contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients (CDMO).
  • Expansion of our specialty ingredients business
    Acquisition of Chemoxy International Ltd, a contract manufacturer of specialty chemicals and environmentally friendly solvents.
  • Acquisition of ID bio, manufacturer of natural ingredients, and H2B, manufacturer of ingredients for in vitro diagnostics.
  • Launch of a new production unit for the manufacture of DIPE (Diisopropyl Ether)
Since 2021
Emerging leader in small molecule intermediates, APIs and custom manufacturing
  • Strengthening our technology offering
  • New HPAPI units on the Villeneuve-la-Garenne & Aramon sites
  • New Flow Chemistry Pilot
  • New fermentation unit (Protéus by SEQENS)
    Launch of a new unit at the Billingham site dedicated to the manufacture of products for the personal care sector
  • Launch of a new Isopropanol unit in Roussillon
  • Acquisition of Wavelength Pharmaceuticals, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, strengthening our generics portfolio.
  • Launch of the 12 critical molecules project
  • Launch of a new Paracetamol Unit project planned for 2025