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CSR Performance



A company’s CSR performance is increasingly monitored and is becoming a prerequisite for contracting with our clients. Ecovadis is one of the largest international CSR performance rating platforms and some of our clients have established minimum EcoVadis rating values as a prerequisite to be included in their supplier panel.

Since 2016, SEQENS has had the CSR performance of its sites assessed annually by Ecovadis. Ecovadis assesses how the sites have integrated CSR principles into their activities and their impact, particularly on 4 themes:
-Social and human rights
-The environment
-Responsible purchasing

SEQENS’ objective is to reach 90% of operational sites with a Platinum or Gold medal on Ecovadis by 2025.

The results are more than satisfactory and confirm that good CSR practices are integrated within the sites with an average score of 70.

Ecovadis excellence Percentage of Platinum & Gold medals on our sites in 2022: 73%. Objective 2025: 90%.

SEQENS is committed to several initiatives
CDP is another international platform for assessing and publishing environmental information online. CDP questions and ranks companies on their understanding of the issues and their performance in terms of climate change, sustainable water management and forest preservation. The SEQENS Group will respond to the CDP for the 1st time in July 2023.
Global Impact
Since 2008, SEQENS is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. The Global Compact brings together various organizations and companies around ten universally recognized principles in key areas: human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. It is also a voluntary commitment to take action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.
French Business Climate Pledge
Born in 2015, on the eve of COP 21, the French Business Climate Pledge is a voluntary commitment by companies based in France that are taking concrete action to make a success of the transition to a low-carbon economy, innovation and the development of low-carbon solutions, technologies, products and services. The aim of this collective mobilization is to show that the voluntary initiative has a key role to play in the success of the ecological transition and to highlight the diversity of solutions provided by companies in the fight against climate change, whatever their size and whatever their sector of activity. Since 2017, as part of the French Business Climate Pledge SEQENS has made commitments and implemented actions to reduce its impact on the climate and successfully transition to a low-carbon economy.  
Responsible care charter
The Group is an active member of the Union des Industries Chimiques and, as such, has complied with the Responsible Care® Charter since 2008. The Responsible Care® initiative is a joint global commitment by the chemical industry to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle and to the promotion of their role in improving the quality of life and their contribution to sustainable development.