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Joining SEQENS is a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting growth project with a international dimension and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
Encouraging initiative to generate new opportunities. Permanent desire to go further and to want to progress. Acting with a sense of responsibility for the success of the company.
Ensuring an environment conducive to teamwork, mutual aid and individual achievement. Supporting others, putting the common good ahead of personal interests.
Remaining determined and consistent despite obstacles to achieve our goals. Overcoming challenges as a team.
Agility & reactivity
Promoting rapid decision-making and constantly adapting to changes in our environment.
Customer orientation
Accompanying our customers to the best solutions and offering them a high level of quality.

Diversity & Inclusion

The diversity of profiles within our workforce is an essential asset for the performance and sustainable growth of SEQENS, in terms of creativity and knowledge.

SEQENS is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive work environment for all its employees and to preserving diversity from the moment of hiring and throughout the life of the company. 

Our approach to diversity and inclusion is built around four priority pillars

  • Achieving gender equality at all levels and functions of the company; engaging against all types of harassment and violence, including sexism and sexual harassment, as well as gender-based violence
  • Supporting all generations in their career paths, encouraging exchange and cooperation between employees across generations. Helping young people to find employment and seniors to maintain their skills
  • Promoting and increasing the diversity of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds of our teams
  • Accelerating the inclusion of people with disabilities through targeted actions
R&D centers
300 +
scientists, engineers and experts
Manufacturing plants

Career path


Because we know that the integration period is a key phase for each new employee and for us, we have set up integration programs adapted to each of our sites and businesses. This structured program is punctuated by formal and informal exchanges, individually or in groups, to help everyone find their feet, discover the Group, their site and their colleagues, and feel at ease in their new working environment.


From the moment they join the company and throughout their career, we support our employees in the development of their learning, skills and career paths. Whether it is through professional/certifying training courses or skills development support, our employees, HR experts and managers work together to define and implement the most appropriate solutions for each individual (technical training courses, specific training programs: management, project management, financial culture, etc.)

Life at Seqens


Quality of life

Quality of Life at work

For SEQENS, quality of life at work means improving the working environment and conditions, promoting social dialogue and strengthening the corporate culture.  

Numerous actions have been taken within the Group to improve the quality of life at work.  

Since 2017, and every 3 years, our employees participate in the “Great Place To Work” survey. The objective is to evaluate the quality of life at work and to capture “a snapshot of the employee experience”; the result is the Trust Index©, which focuses on assessing credibility, respect, pride and fairness within the company.


GPTW Trust Index©

GPTW Trust Index©

Our goals for the future  

  • 2024: Score 65/100
  • 2027: 70/100

The results of this survey have led to global and local action plans driven by our employees themselves: recurring communication actions towards all employees, celebrating successes, renovation of premises and network of kindergardens.

To go further, we have launched and made available to our employees the Sunshine-me platform, which aims to provide SEQENS employees with greater comfort through the provision of assistance and support services. The platform represents a new form of support for employees’ parenthood, family careers, psychological suffering and responds to the major challenges of all generations.

Meet our people
Work Environnements
Our Seqens Lab' R&D center in Porcheville (France)
A 34,000 m² scientific platform, the SEQENS’Lab offers a unique ecosystem, dedicated to our customers to accelerate their projects from the early stages of research and development to industrialization and commercialization. Close to Paris, the SEQENS’Lab hosts more than 150 scientists and is the center of excellence for the development of a totally unique R&D service offering.
Our R&D center in Devens (USA)
Our R&D center in Devens, Massachusetts, is a state-of-the-art, 1,400-square-foot laboratory that provides our U.S. customers with advanced capabilities for drug discovery and development. The $5 million investment in 2022 allows this new research center to leverage innovative technologies and equipment, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, sustainability and safety. 
Our headquarters in Ecully (France)
Based in Ecully, France, the Group’s headquarters are anchored in the Lyon’area, land of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and innovation.   Our 250 employees representing the support and expert functions (HR, Finance, Legal, Strategy, Quality, HSE, Operational Excellence, Technical Management, etc.) are committed to working alongside our industrial sites and R&D centers in order to achieve the Group’s ambitions and support our growth.
Our production site in Roussillon (France)
Located 40 km south of Lyon, in the heart of one of the largest chemical platforms in Europe, created in 1916, our two production units have developed and committed themselves to decarbonization.  Our 300 employees working in 2 production units support the manufacture of salicylic acid (applications: API, cosmetics, specialty chemicals, etc.), Paracetamol – the only European production site (unit under construction for production from 2025) and specialty ingredients (phenol, acetone, specialized solvents, etc.). 
Our production site in Lahr (Germany)
Created in 1930, the Lahr site is located in Germany in the heart of the Black Forest. The 200+ employees of the site are involved in the production of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.   The site enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to its innovative and high-performance equipment and the expertise and commitment of its teams.  
Join us

Recruitment process


Receipt of your application via our Career page (response to an advertisement or spontaneous application), via one of our partners relaying our offers or via a co-option of a SEQENS employee.


Your application will be examined by the person in charge of recruitment. If your profile matches the requirements, we will contact you to arrange a first telephone interview.


After a successful telephone interview, we will arrange a personal interview (via the HR team and the operational team). These interviews can be face-to-face or by video conference and will allow you to learn more about the position and our organization.


After a successful final interview, the person in charge of recruitment will contact you to discuss the offer.


Once the offer has been accepted, our teams will accompany you through the final stages of the recruitment process and during your integration.