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Safety, Quality and Sustainable Innovation

As a global producer of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty ingredients, SEQENS distinguishes itself not only by the high level of quality and safety of its products, but also by its culture of excellence, offering its customers the best service, while seeking to innovate in order to provide customers with products that are more respectful of the environment and of people.

Our Objectives

Achieve a completion rate of the annual process safety program of over 90%
Reduce the number of justified customer complaints by 20% between 2021 and 2025
Evaluate 100% of new proprietary products by 2025 according to CSR criteria

Process Safety

The control of technological risk is our top priority. We are therefore committed to controlling the safety of our processes. This commitment is clearly defined in the Group’s EHS policy.
This commitment is central as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry must follow and comply with numerous regulations, in particular those on the prevention of major accidents and environmental protection.

Our Approach

In order to guarantee a high level of safety on our sites, to reduce risks to the lowest possible level, and to comply with the various regulations, SEQENS deploys an EHS management system at its sites that integrates risk-based process safety.

The Group has deployed a mechanical integrity program which aims, among other things, to ensure that safety-critical components are identified and included in a robust inspection, testing and preventive maintenance plan.

  • 92% completion of EHS action plans by 2022
  • 83% completion of process hazard analysis program (PHA) by 2022
  • The Couterne site has completed its fire protection project for tank farms and flammable liquid tanks.
  • The Neot Hovav site has extended its automatic fire protection system (sprinkler) in workshop 75 and in the archive room.
  • The St Fons site has improved the powder sieves as part of the prevention of dust explosions.


Product quality and the conformity of associated activities are essential to SEQENS. In its Quality Policy, SEQENS is committed to ensuring that products are always delivered safely and reliably to customers, in compliance with applicable regulations and international standards.

This is especially true for the pharmaceutical products supplied by SEQENS. There can be no compromise on the quality of the active ingredients and excipients used in medicines.

SEQENS has set itself the objective of achieving a completion rate of the annual process safety program of over 90%.

Our Approach
Our Objectives
For SEQENS, guaranteeing excellence in the quality and safety of products and processes necessarily implies to :
  • To manage the activities through a complete quality management system, in accordance with international standards, regulations and applicable directives (cGMP, ISO)
  • Remain constantly attentive to customer expectations to guarantee their satisfaction and develop new partnerships
  • Carry out operations and projects in such a way as to guarantee the quality and safety of products
  • Continuously improve the reliability and efficiency of our operations
  • Develop the skills, competencies, behaviors and effectiveness of staff through training programs designed to encourage accountability in the workplace

Quality policy and programs are developed and coordinated by SEQENS “Quality and Regulatory Affairs” department. It ensures that quality standards are applied and that products comply fully with the requirements of customers and regulatory health agencies. In this way, SEQENS acts on a daily basis to be recognized for its strong customer orientation and its compliance with regulations and quality standards.

SEQENS’ objective is to ensure its customers 100% success in regulatory inspections and certification audits to ensure business continuity and to be recognized as a major and serious player in the field

In addition, all of the Group’s teams are doing everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. SEQENS has set itself the objective of reducing the number of justified complaints by 20% between 2021 and 2025

Quality of our Products 

In 2022, the Hyderabad site has passed its first U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) inspection, authorizing the marketing of drugs produced at the site in the United States.

Sustainable Innovation

Regulatory, safety and environmental issues require the development of efficient, reliable and sustainable production processes, from the design phase to the industrialization phase.

Our Approach
Our Objectives
SEQENS is committed to developing products that are not only effective and safe but also to improving its manufacturing processes from a CSR perspective.

The Group relies on green chemistry to design and develop chemical products and processes that have minimal impact on the environment and human health, while being cost-effective.

Green chemistry focuses on innovative actions to prevent and reduce waste, develop the circular economy, optimize energy and raw material consumption with an emphasis on catalysis and enzymatic chemistry, take into account the demand for sustainable resources and replace hazardous substances (CMR).

This includes our 10 R&D centers of excellence in Europe and North America and more than 300 scientists, engineers and experts working on customized solutions for our customers, right through to manufacturing.

The Strategy & Innovation department also supports this CSR approach. Its main missions are to promote synergies, encourage ideas, stimulate and support the Group’s development projects and optimize the portfolio of products, R&D services and technologies.

The technical engineering and operational excellence functions also participate in this approach, challenging projects while providing the necessary expertise to industrialize projects and improve their performance.

SEQENS has set itself the goal of evaluating 100% of its new proprietary products according to CSR criteria by 2025

No result in 2022. Work in progress.

SEQENS develops technologies to minimize the environmental impact of its products and processes, such as Flow Chemistry, biocatalysis, multi-catalysis and many others, aiming at substantial reductions in energy consumption, material consumption and discharges into the environment in any form.

Flow Chemistry is a method of molecular synthesis that involves creating an uninterrupted production line. In other words, devices are passed through a liquid medium. Reagents are added to this medium, by pumping, in a mixer, and then pass through a temperature-controlled pipe, tube or reactor. Where the tubes meet, the fluids come into contact with each other. If these fluids are reactive, a reaction occurs until it is complete.

Flow Chemistry differs from classical batch chemistry, which is essentially carried out in a single piece of equipment, in which the different steps of the synthesis are carried out in a sequential manner. 

Flow Chemistry has many advantages from a CSR perspective

  • The safety of the processes is reinforced. Because of the smaller volumes and the larger surface area of the devices that allow temperature control, reactions considered dangerous in batch chemistry because they are too exothermic (releasing a lot of heat) can be safely implemented in Flow Chemistry and can therefore be carried out on an industrial scale using this type of chemistry.
  • Reaction parameters (mixing, heating and residence times) are better controlled, allowing a better product yield and better control of impurities. This reduces the amount of raw materials used and, when sufficient purity is obtained, it is possible to avoid or reduce the purification steps that consume large quantities of solvents and generate effluents. Real-time monitoring of the parameters also helps to prevent pollution.