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SEQENS strongly believes in the potential of new cutting-edge technologies to improve the use and efficiency of existing APIs. To support its customers, Seqens offers a range of drug delivery polymers.

Our drug delivery excipients & medical material

The R&D centers at SEQENS provide extensive knowledge and expertise in tailor-made polymers designed to meet its customers’ needs.

Bioabsorbable and biocompatible PLA and PLGA polymers

These polymers are used as functional excipients for controlled and slow release (weeks to months) with a single injection of the drug product.

We can provide our customers with small or bulk quantities for screening of PLA/PLGA ± PEG polymers (up to 50 references available) to improve formulation at early stages of development. These polymers are manufactured according to GMP standards.

Drug-release can be controlled by the Lactic acid/Glycolic acid monomer ratio, chain length or end groups. Typically longer chain length and higher lactic acid monomer ratio are associated with slower degradation / drug release. These adjustable properties make our unique grades and tailor-made grades.

Learn more about SEQENS Expansorb® PLGA grades range: 20+ years of expertise in their development and cGMP manufacturing


PEKK polymers

PEKK polymers (polyetherketoneketone) are useful for long-term implantable human devices with nearly unlimited life cycles (several years)

These polymers are widely used in orthopedics, as well as neurological, dental, spinal and cardiovascular implants but also in PEKK-based 3D-printed bones. Catalog on demand

Seqens can also develop other GMP medical grade polymers such as hydroxybutyrate, (poly)ester, acrylate and methacrylate copolymers for our customers.

Custom polymers for pharmaceutical applications

Custom ethylene oxide oligomers or polyethylene glycol for solubility enhancement through PEG-ylation. COMPLETER

Polymeric APIs or custom functionalized polymers for drug delivery.

For custom polymers development and manufacturing, Seqens has a strong experience and offers to its customers:

  • Various Chemical Reactions Expertise
  • Flexibility in manufacturing proposals
  • Repeatability and robustness of performances

Discover other R&D services


Plateforme Analytique

Analytical Platform

Seqens provides GMP testing on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipients. We have an extensive team focused on the development and clinical phase appropriate validation of sensitive and specific analytical methods

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Biocatalysis is the usage of enzymes as catalysts of chemical reactions. Learn more about Seqens extensive expertise.

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40% of drugs fail in preclinical trials due to bioavailability issues. Seqens has a strong expertise to support you regarding bioavailability challenges.

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Characterization of APIs

Physical Characterization Testing Capabilities includes a full set of advanced technologies

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Drug Conjugates

The field of drug conjugates is emerging, with the possibility to achieve 2 functions with one (bifunctional) compound, usually allowing targeted therapies or improved bioavailability properties.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, lipids are core excipients in the development of drug delivery systems. Lipids can be used in most dosage forms as support vehicles, solubilizers, permeation enhancers, stabilizers, transfection agents and release rate modifiers.

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Multipurpose Flow

Multipurpose Flow Chemistry

In flow chemistry, a chemical reaction is run in a continuously flowing stream rather than in batch production, leading to many key advantages.

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Solid State

Solid State characterization

The need to investigate the solid state properties of APIs has become important in the pharmaceutical development industry. Physical properties can vary widely between batches, leading to batch-to-batch variability.

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Biologie Synthétique

Synthetic Biology for bioinspired and sustainable innovations

Part of Seqens group, Alganelle is an innovative biotechnology company at the cutting edge of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.

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