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Drug Conjugates

The field of drug conjugates is emerging, with the possibility to achieve 2 functions with one (bifunctional) compound, usually allowing targeted therapies or improved bioavailability properties.
Drug Conjugates

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are a growing therapeutic modality for oncology applications.

The antibody allows selective targeting of cancer cells while a cytotoxic drug attached to it allows to kill the cells. A linker allows to bind the antibody with the cytotoxic drug.


Fatty acid derivatized peptides or proteins

Fatty acid derivatized peptides or proteins allow to extend therapeutic activity, with examples of peptides having an activity extended from several hours to a week. The lipidic part binds to albumin in the blood, which allows a prolonged release.

A linker is needed to attach the lipidic part to the peptide or protein.

Example of fatty acid derivatized structure: Liraglutide


Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs)

PROTACs are another  emerging therapeutic modality allowing to address protein targets previously considered undruggable. Instead of being inhibited, the target protein is degraded. This is achieved using bifunctional compounds which hijack the protein degradation system within the cell. These compounds bind to both the target protein and to the degradation system (ubiquitin E3 ligase), which results in ubiquitinylation of the target protein followed by its degradation. 

Example of PROTAC structure:


Seqens capabilities for linker synthesis

Such conjugates usually require linkers. SEQENS has an expertise in linkers synthesis at required quality (GMP) and scale, from kilo lab to multi-ton.

Seqens handles the different kinds of chemistry involved in linker synthesis such as ethylene glycol oligomers, amide couplings or piperazine / piperidine chemistry.

Seqens can also leverage on innovative technologies such as Flow chemistry, for safer generation of acyl chlorides or triazoles, or biocatalysis, for regioselective conversions to avoid protection/deprotection steps.

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Plateforme Analytique

Analytical Platform

Seqens provides GMP testing on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipients. We have an extensive team focused on the development and clinical phase appropriate validation of sensitive and specific analytical methods

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Biocatalysis is the usage of enzymes as catalysts of chemical reactions. Learn more about Seqens extensive expertise.

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40% of drugs fail in preclinical trials due to bioavailability issues. Seqens has a strong expertise to support you regarding bioavailability challenges.

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Characterization of APIs

Physical Characterization Testing Capabilities includes a full set of advanced technologies

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In the pharmaceutical industry, lipids are core excipients in the development of drug delivery systems. Lipids can be used in most dosage forms as support vehicles, solubilizers, permeation enhancers, stabilizers, transfection agents and release rate modifiers.

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Multipurpose Flow

Multipurpose Flow Chemistry

In flow chemistry, a chemical reaction is run in a continuously flowing stream rather than in batch production, leading to many key advantages.

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Seqens strongly believes in the potential of new cutting-edge technologies to improve the use and efficiency of existing APIs. To support its customers, Seqens offers a range of drug delivery polymers.

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Solid State

Solid State characterization

The need to investigate the solid state properties of APIs has become important in the pharmaceutical development industry. Physical properties can vary widely between batches, leading to batch-to-batch variability.

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Biologie Synthétique

Synthetic Biology for bioinspired and sustainable innovations

Part of Seqens group, Alganelle is an innovative biotechnology company at the cutting edge of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.

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