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People and Communities

SEQENS is convinced that the success of the company is based above all on the know-how and involvement of its employees.
People and Communities

Our People

Our people are the Group’s primary assets. They enable SEQENS to be a major player in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

SEQENS’ objective is to offer them a safe working environment and to encourage their development at work. Our human resources approach is based on the following guidelines, which apply from the moment of recruitment and throughout the career of each employee within the company

  • Guaranteeing hygiene, health, safety and well-being at work
  • Ensure good working conditions to improve employee engagement
  • Promoting our ability to attract and support talent
  • Promote diversity in the workplace and equal treatment of women and men
  • Develop the professional skills of employees

Health and Safety

At SEQENS, there is no priority higher than people’s safety. We consider this to be one of the foundations of the sustainable development of our activities.
We are therefore committed to making the health and safety of our employees and partners one of our top priorities. This commitment is clearly defined in the Group’s EHS policy, which is further developed in a Group Safety Charter.

Our objectives
Our approach
The Group’s objective in terms of personal health and safety is twofold:
  • 0 serious or fatal accidents per year
  • Achieve a category 1 occupational injury frequency rate of less than or equal to 2 by 2025.
The employee safety and health approach focuses on 4 key elements
  • Prevent serious injuries and deaths through the implementation of the Vital Safety Rules program
  • Continuously improve the management of maintenance work and outside contractors by implementing robust safety practices (site preparation, access to confined spaces, provision of facilities, consignment/unconsignment, work with hot spots, etc.)
  • Respect the safety instructions in the conduct of operations
  • Controlling the exposure of people to hazardous chemicals (hazardous chemical agents, CMR, active pharmaceutical products)

In order to meet its commitments and ensure that its policy is fully implemented, SEQENS

  • Manages its activities through a comprehensive and effective EHS management system that defines the minimum requirements applicable to all sites. These requirements may exceed regulations
  • Ensures the competence of its employees and subcontractors through appropriate training, networking and coaching
  • Develops a strong EHS culture throughout the organization
In 2022, numerous improvement projects have been carried out on our sites
  • The Aramon site has installed a gantry at the road tanker unloading station to secure access to the tanker domes and prevent the risk of falling
  • The Aramon site has improved the ergonomics of the hydrogenation workshop’s reactor loading station by extending a platform and installing a safety lock for the approach of raw materials
  • The Limoges site has made improvements to manual handling (push-puller; equipment to help with boxing, pallet preparation and wrapping)
  • The Nîmes site has improved the stages of moving and loading raw materials with the purchase of a lifting table.
  • The Lahr site has invested in a lifting platform that makes maintenance work at height easier and safer. Maintenance technicians can now access many areas that in the past could only be reached via ladders or scaffolding
  • The Villeneuve-la-Garenne site has improved its pneumatic transfer system for highly active powders, thereby eliminating the risk of clogging, the associated maintenance work and therefore the risk of exposure to hazardous substances.

Quality of Life at Work

SEQENS is convinced that the success of the company and the realization of its ambition are based on the know-how of its employees, who come from different backgrounds. The Group must therefore offer working conditions that enable it to attract and retain committed and qualified employees, in a talent market that is both tense and highly competitive.
The quality of life at work is an issue of development of the attractiveness of the company, improvement of the commitment, motivation and loyalty of employees, as well as the prevention of psychosocial risks and the reduction of absenteeism.

For SEQENS, quality of life at work means improving the working environment and conditions, promoting social dialogue and strengthening the corporate culture.

Our objectives
Our Approach
The Group has set itself the objective of achieving a score of 65/100 in 2025 and 70/100 in 2028 in the GPTW Trust Index© survey.

Numerous actions are carried out within the Group to improve the quality of life at work. In 2017, to take this further, SEQENS launched its first “Great Place To Work” (GPTW) survey. The Great Place To Work institute has developed a specific methodology to assess the quality of life at work and capture “a snapshot of the employee experience” within volunteer companies. It is the Trust Index©, an anonymous questionnaire addressed to employees, comprising 70 questions divided into 5 key themes on which the company can act in order to improve the employee experience and thus contribute to the overall performance of the organization: credibility, respect, pride, camaraderie and fairness.

SEQENS renews this Trust Index© survey, administered by Great Place To Work, every three years. The last survey was conducted in 2021 and will be repeated in February 2025.


*Trust index: average of the scores of all the questions
** GPTW score is the overall perception: “Taking all elements into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”

Since 2016, the Middlesbrough and Billingham sites have participated in the North East Better Health at Work (BHAW) program and were again awarded the «Maintaining Excellence» trophy in 2022. The program is run by the Northern Trades Union Congress (Northern TUC), with support from the Department of Health’s executive agency (Public Health England). It promotes health and well-being in the workplace. In 2022, employees were consulted to guide the BHAW strategy over the next few years. This year, both sites focused on five themes: healthy eating/nutrition/weight loss, cancer, work/life balance, health checks, and financial health. For each theme, actions were implemented

  • Increased financial assistance for cycling to work
  • Promoting healthy eating discounts
  • Cooking classes for a healthy diet
  • Discussion on prostate cancer
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Increase in vacation pay
  • Introduction of personal health checks through private health
  • Insurance
  • Arrival of buses performing on-site employee health checks
  • Financial planning interviews with an independent financial planning firm


Employee development is a strategic lever for the performance and transformation of companies. SEQENS ensures that each employee has the means to carry out his or her missions effectively, develops the potential and employability of each employee and prepares future leaders.

Our Approach
Our Objectives
For SEQENS, the development of employees’ professional skills is achieved through training, the transfer of know-how, and the proper assessment of employees’ professional abilities. This approach also contributes to the attraction of talent, commitment and retention of employees.
The Group’s objective is to ensure that at least 70% of employees have received training within the year.
  • 94% of employees trained by 2022
  • 23 hours of training per employee in 2022

To meet specific needs and provide information specific to SEQENS, customized training courses are developed. In 2022, the key areas of these customized training courses were project management, management and financial culture. These training courses have been deployed at all our sites and complement the annual internal training courses on EHS and ethics provided at Group level.

Diversity & Inclusion

The diversity of profiles, including people of all ages, genders, origins, family situations, sexual preferences, opinions and skills within its workforce is an essential asset for the performance and sustainable growth of SEQENS, in terms of creativity and knowledge.

Our Approach
Our Objectives
SEQENS is committed to providing all its employees with an equitable and inclusive work environment, and to preserving diversity from the moment they are hired and throughout their working lives.

SEQENS’ approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is built around four priority pillars:

  • Gender: achieve gender equity at all levels and functions of the company; commit against all types of harassment and violence, including sexism and sexual harassment, as well as gender-based violence
  • Age and generations: supporting young people in their career paths, encouraging exchange and cooperation between employees across generations.
  • Socio-economic and multicultural backgrounds: promoting and increasing the diversity of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in the Group’s teams.
  • Disability: accelerate the inclusion of people with disabilities through targeted actions.
SEQENS objective is to achieve a score of 90/100 on the gender equality index by 2025.
In 2022, the gender equality index is between 81 and 97/100.


SEQENS is not an isolated entity. It is present in different territories, ecosystems where economic actors are linked by complementary, cooperative or competitive relationships.

In line with SEQENS value of Unity, the Group is committed to being an active player in these ecosystems by supporting and accompanying local initiatives and civil society on a long-term basis.

Support for the local ecosystem can take different forms at SEQENS as donations, partnerships with associations, highlighting the missions of associations on the sites, and promoting the personal commitment of employees.

Each site contributes, within its means, to the challenges of the territory in relation to the main pillars of the Group’s philanthropic commitment:
  • Help for the underprivileged, sick and disabled.
  • Training, education and professional integration of young people.
  • Support for local public health initiatives.
  • Contributing to actions in favour of the climate and biodiversity.

More than 30 organisations are supported or helped either by SEQENS or by one or more of its employees.

  • €416 507 in donations in 2022
  • 45 local initiatives supported
  • During the “P’tit dej News” at the Ecully site, the various associations with which the site maintains relations are invited to present their missions to all employees. In 2022, about ten associations came to the site.
  • The Roussillon Novapex site has been supporting the L’Arche La Vallée association for five years now, which provides homes for mentally handicapped adults. In 2022, SEQENS supported the renovation of the accommodation sites.
  • The Bourgoin site took part in an inter-company football tournament, the participation fees of which were donated to support children suffering from cancer (leukaemia, etc.).
  • Employees at the Couterne site supported an employee in her operation to collect donations for the socio-aesthetic service at the Flers hospital. This service provides care to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • The Nîmes and Roussillon Novacyl sites collected old glasses for the Lunettes Sans Frontières (LSF) association. The beneficiaries of the old glasses are disadvantaged people living in France or abroad.
  • The Hyderabad site made a donation to the Sri Jain Shravak Charitable Trust for the creation of a charitable hospital in Balamrai, India, and for the purchase of medical and hospital equipment.
  • As part of a partnership with “L’Entreprise des Possibles”, employees in the Lyon region offered days off to support local associations. In 2022, Seqens donated €43,569.56, i.e. a total of 34 days donated by 27 employees. L’Entreprise des Possibles is a group of companies committed, with their employees, to working alongside public players and associations to help the homeless and the most vulnerable. Their objective is to mobilise human, financial and real estate resources to amplify the action of associations in the field.