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Unlocking the Potential of Flow Chemistry to Transform Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

White paper

By Juliette Martin, Scientific Communication Manager

Jean-Yves Lenoir, Manager R&D Flow Chemistry

Jean-Baptiste Rouchet, Technologies Expert

Over the past decade, a profound shift has been underway in the pharmaceutical industry, as continuous flow processes gain momentum alongside traditional batch methods. This transformation is propelled by advancements in flow reactor technology, promising enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability in chemical production. In this article, we delve into the transformative power of flow chemistry, exploring its myriad benefits and applications in fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing.

In this white paper you will learn that Flow Chemistry:

  • Increase Efficiency and Safety by offering continuous processing, leading to faster production times, less waste, and improved safety when handling hazardous materials
  • Enhance Quality and Control thanks to smaller reaction vessels and precise control over reaction conditions ensure consistent product quality and easier scale-up from lab to production
  • Has Sustainable Benefits by requiring less solvent, reagents, and energy compared to batch processes, minimizing environmental impact
  • Drives Innovation and accelerates development stage by integrating rapid experimentation, and can explore novel chemistries
  • Is a Complementary Approach and won’t replace traditional batch processes entirely. Instead, it offers a valuable tool for specific applications, working alongside existing methods

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