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Cracking the codes – Adopting Industrial Biocatalysis

White paper

Cracking the codes – Adopting Industrial Biocatalysis for Cost-efficient & Sustainable Chemical Processes

By Lucie Aubaterre, Innovation Project Manager – Bioservices
Pascal Auffray, Innovation Project Manager – Bioservices
Pierre Gilles, Innovation Project Manager – Bioservices
Olivier Vidalin, Head of Group Biotechnology R&D
Clément Dince, Business Developer – Biotechnology
Juliette Martin, Scientific Communication Manager

From a process chemist point of view, developing an enzymatic process at industrial scale, is very much the same challenges and principles than any other chemical processes strategies. The exception relies however in understanding the behaviour of the biocatalyst for optimal performance and robustness. In this article, we wish to review the key stages that are required for implementing a biocatalytic process at industrial scale, supported by 4 case studies. Because speed matters in industry, we will examine the key highlights for derisking and ensuring cost-effective process at acceptable timelines, whether we are targeting the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical or commodity industries.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • The expected role of the industrial biocatalyst

  • The value of Biocatalysis in the Chemical Industry World

  • General guidance for developing experimentally an enzymatic process
  • How do you produce the biocatalyst?
  • Our work

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