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Isoamyl acetate

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Isoamyl acetate


Isoamyl Acetate is an F&F ingredient used in the preparation of over 40 synthetic flavours. Personal care (e.g. nail varnish remover). Automotive paints. A low toxicity solvent for some varnishes and nitrocellulose lacquers. It was extensively used in the aircraft industry for stiffening fabric flying surfaces as the carrier for the nitrocellulose and retains this application in model aircraft only. A common ‘alarm’ pheromone for honeybees and low concentrations will attract large numbers. Can be used to test effectiveness of gas seals such as in respirators

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 123-92-2
Empirical formula: C7H14O2
State: Liquid
Purity: >99%|Viscosity: 7.2mPas @21°C|Boiling Point: 142°C|Solubility in water: 2 g/l @25°C


  • Isopentyl acetate

  • 3-methylbutyl acetate