Seqens group’s digitalization

Products & Technologies

Seqens’ growth has been built on the continuous improvement of its production facilities and innovation in all its fields of expertise. Digitalization at Seqens enables to accelerate improvement and innovation processes, but also to reach new objectives thanks to the technologies implemented.

The various examples in this series of articles illustrate the group’s  willingness to use all the new tools and solutions available and proven to accelerate its R&D, to constantly improve the quality of its production, to guarantee the safety of its collaborators in its plants, all ultimately for the satisfaction of its customers.

These advances, which are gradually being rolled out to all Seqens sites around the world, are the beginnings of the new solutions that will have to be implemented as part of the recovery and relocation plan in France. Indeed, only an industrial tool that functions optimally through digitalisation will enable a sustainable future for these investments, which are necessary for our future health independence.

We therefore hope that this series of articles has enabled you to discover some of Seqens’ projects, and why not make you want to join us to participate in our growth strategy.

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