Seqens Prize of the French Académie des Sciences 2021


Congratulations to Alain Wagner, chemist, director of research at the CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique, who has won the Seqens prize of the Académie des sciences. Alain Wagner leads the Biofunctional Chemistry team of the Laboratory of Design and Application of Bioactive Molecules (CNRS/University of Strasbourg) at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Strasbourg

the chemist, Alain Wagner, receives the Seqens Prize of the Académie des Sciences

Alain Wagner, Director of Research at the CNRS in Strasbourg, receives the prestigious Seqens Prize of the French Academy of Sciences for the year 2021.

He is interested in the use of chemical reactions in biological media with the aim of developing new strategies for manipulating living systems. His work has led to the development of more effective antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancers or to the development of a technology that allows cell-by-cell analysis of the messages sent in the tumour environment and thus to identify, among a heterogeneous population, the few key cells influencing the pathological development.

A prize awarded for 5 years now

Created by Colbert in 1666, the Académie des Sciences is an assembly of scientists chosen from among the most eminent French and foreign specialists. Each year, the Académie awards prizes covering all scientific fields, both fundamental and applied.

The Seqens Prize targets the field of “therapeutic chemistry and/or pharmaco-chemistry related to chemical drug mechanisms”. It rewards an innovation, a breakthrough or a new approach in the field of small synthetic molecules with therapeutic value. This Prize is awarded to a scientist working in a French laboratory, public or private.

Supported by President Bernard Meunier and focused on the field of therapeutic chemistry, the Seqens Prize of the Académie des sciences has been awarded for the past 5 years to prestigious laureates.

The Seqens Prize was awarded to Geraldine Masson in 2017, Nicolas Julien in 2018, Sebastien Lecommandoux in 2019 and Ruxandra Gref in 2020.