3rd Franco-German Technology Dialogue


Seqens participated in the 3rd Franco-German Technology Dialogue on the resilience of European healthcare industries.

The meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron and President Ursula Von der Leyen.


On May 31, 2021, alongside 10 other major industrialists in the sector, Seqens participated in the 3rd Franco-German Technology Dialogue under the presidency of Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron and President Ursula Von der Leyen dedicated to “strengthening the resilience of the European medical and pharmaceutical industry” and on the role of innovation in production processes to accelerate the energy transition by maintaining a competitive and sustainable European industry.

Seqens had the opportunity to highlight its capacity for innovation and the very significant investments made over the last ten years in our European industrial base, both in terms of R&D capacity and new production capacity, which have enabled us to maintain and develop activities that are absolutely essential for our sector, throughout the value chain.

It was also an opportunity to review the strong mobilization of Seqens’ teams since the beginning of the health crisis, and throughout the world, to ensure the production of certain critical products in shortage on the European territory. On the strength of this commitment, Seqens has also mobilized its know-how and innovation capacities to launch, with the support of the Recovery Plans :

  • Industrialization projects to enable the competitive and environmentally friendly production of essential molecules in Europe;
  • Accelerated R&D and industrialization of new processes, particularly for molecules to treat covid-19 ;
  • Improving the efficacy of new vaccines and treatments with products that improve bioavailability. These are for example lipids or polymers for the vectorization of nucleic acids

During these exchanges, Seqens mentioned the main lines of action to ensure European health sovereignty over its businesses and guarantee the resilience of our value chains:

  • To support the investments of European industrialists in the relocation of critical technologies for the production of essential molecules;
  • Protect our industries from social and environmental dumping and guarantee a minimum production in Europe;
  • Review drug purchasing and pricing strategies to take into account such important criteria as security of supply and environmental friendliness;

We are convinced that our industry has a key role to play in ensuring our health sovereignty and in supporting the development of new pharmaceutical treatments over the long term. Seqens and other innovative companies in the sector are essential links in the chain and are ready to take up the challenge.

Pierre Luzeau

President of SEQENS