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ROSCAN® 1215 is an extreme pressure additive recommended for the formulation
of EP greases, metalworking fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and
slideways oils
ROSCAN® 1215 is a light colored sulfurized, non-copper corrosive mixture of highly
refined natural triglycerides, fatty acid esters and hydrocarbons.
Its viscosity and low activity against non-ferrous metals, make ROSCAN® 1215
especially suited for metalworking fluids dedicated to forming operations of ferrous
and non-ferrous metals.

Technical characteristics

State: Liquid
Sulfurised ester|15% Sulfur|High viscosity |Non staining to copper
Metalworking|Deformation|Slideway oils

ROSCAN 1215 applications


Extreme pressure
Christelle Ferragut

Sales Manager