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KELICO® V 2150 is an overbased complex calcium sulfonate biodegradable base
for environmentally acceptable greases’ formulations.
KELICO® V 2150 has good Extreme Pressure performances, thermal
resistance, water tolerance as well as excellent anticorrosion properties also in
the presence of sea water.
KELICO® V 2150 is a suitable based for multipurpose biodegradable greases
used in the lubrification of bearings with medium speed and loads.
KELICO® V 2150 is particularly designed for uses in agriculture field, forestry and
marine equipment where product is lost in natural environment.
KELICO® V 2150 performances can be improved with additional additives for very
specific applications.

Technical characteristics

State: Paste
Biodegradable calcium sulfonate grease|NLGI 2|ISO 150 carrier
Industrial lubrication/bearings

KELICO V2150 applications


Christelle Ferragut

Sales Manager