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PEKK produced by Seqens ”IMPEKK™ polymer” is a high performance thermoplastic designed for permanent surgical implants such as spinal, cranial, orthopedics and dental implants. Its tailored crystallization speed enables IMPEKK™ polymer to be perfectly suited for Additive Manufacturing.
The presence of 2 ketone groups compared to other PAEK polymers (Poly-Aryl-Ether-Ketone) gives IMPEKK™ polymer greater polarity and allows for better acceptance of functional fillers, providing a wide range of formulation choices for implantable medical device manufacturers. IMPEKK™ polymer is composed of ether (flexibilizing) and ketone (rigidifying) groups. The more ketone groups there are, the higher the Tg (Glass Transition temperature) and the better the mechanical properties.
IMPEKK™ is a copolymer that includes terephthaloyl and isophthaloyl units. This modularity allows fine tuning of crystallization rate and Melting point temperature (Tm).

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 74970-25-5
ISO 13486
State: Solid
Grade(s): Testing & Developing
Golden Yellow or White to cream solid|Polymer type: Pseudo-amorphous
preparation of implantable medical devices


  • Poly-ether-ketone-ketone

  • PEKK

Salim Hassayoune

Business Developer Drug Delivery