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Pharmaceutical solutions


The EXPANSORB® PLGA 75:25 are belonging to the EXPANSORB® bioresorbable polymers (PLA, PLGA, PCL) product line. PLGA 75:25 stands for poly(lactic acid co-glycolic acid) made of 75% of lactic acid and 25% of glycolic acid units.
Such copolymers are used as functional excipients for controlled and slow drug release (weeks to months) with a single injection. Those copolymers are also used for bioresorbable medical materials and devices.
EXPANSORB® products show highly tunable properties within several parameters (monomer ratio, enantiomeric ratio, copolymers, chain termination, Inherent Viscosity/Mw...) that can be adjusted to your needs, even further existing catalog grades.
Seqens can provide small or bulk quantities for PLA/PLGA/PCL ± PEG polymers over 50 references & 2 grades : classic and ultrapure LMP (check our catalog for more details).
With a R&D team onsite dedicated to GMP polymers and a long term expertise, SEQENS will be your partner on each step of your EXPANSORB containing formulation development, from screening to manufacturing material enclosed into your commercial application, with finetuning capabilities up to taylormade solutions and regulatory support.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 34346-01-5
Empirical formula: [C3H4O2]x[C2H2O2]y
Regulatory package: US DMF, China DMF
State: Solid
Grade(s): Classic, LMP
Sustained release formulations|Encapsulation|Medical devices


  • PLGA

  • poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid)
  • poly(lactide-co-glycolide)
  • Glycolic-lactic acid polyester