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Ethyleneglycol diacetate

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Ethyleneglycol diacetate


EGDA is a colourless, low odour, biodegradable solvent with a very slow evaporation profile that finds major applications in foundry core-binding and in thermoplastic acrylic coatings. It has found use as a perfume fixative, and has reported applications in waterborne adhesives. EGDA imparts excellent flow properties in baking lacquers and enamels where thermoplastic acrylic resins are used.EGDA is also a good solvent for cellulosic coatings and can be used in some ink systems such as screen inks.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 111-55-7
Empirical formula: C6H10O4
State: Liquid
Boiling Point: 186-187°C|Purity: >99.0%


  • 1,2-diacetoxyethane

  • ethylene diacetate
  • glycol diacetate

Allan Jensen

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