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Diisopropyl adipate

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Diisopropyl adipate


Diisopropyl adipate can be used in a variety of applications including as a speciality solvent in household cleaners. It has some function as a low temperature resistant and low viscosity plasticizer for PVC and its copolymers and cellulose esters. Adipic acid esters are used as intermediates to produce other chemical compounds. Diisopropyl adipate can be used as an adjuvant and raw material in the production of Agrochemical intermediates.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 6938-94-9
Empirical formula: C12H22O4
State: Liquid
Readily biodegradable|Purity:>99.0%|Freezing Point: 6°C


  • Dipa

  • Hexanedioic acid diisopropyl ester
  • Adipic acid diisopropyl ester

Allan Jensen

Key account manager