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C12 epoxide

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C12 epoxide


C12 Epoxide is a clear colourless liquid. It is more reactive than its corresponding acid and ester and thus is commonly used as an intermediate. C12 Epoxide is an intermediate used in the synthesis of quaternary ammonium compounds for use as diesel fuel additives. It has found application in polymer systems as either a reactive epoxy monomer or as a recative diluent. It also has use in the manufature of surfactants by alkoxylation for cleaning compositions and similar.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 2855-19-8
Empirical formula: C12H24O
State: Liquid
Moisture sensitive|Melting point -8°C|Water solubility 0.22 mg/l
Industrial intermediate


  • 1,2 epoxydodecane

  • 1-dodecene oxide
  • decenoxirane