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ARCOT® 785 B is a solvent free, highly polar product used as a corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, for long term protection.
It is an overbased calcium sulfonate associated with a calcium soap
Specially designed for water-based emulsions, the formulated compound shall
be applied, by dipping or spraying, to form a continuous protective film that confers a durable water resistance.
ARCOT® 785 B with its very good adhesion to metals, even in very damp atmosphere, totally meets the requirements for cavity protection and car underbody protection.

Technical characteristics

State: Paste
Water based|Salt spray test: 30% in SN100 = 72 h; 30% in White Spirit = 432 h
Medium to long term Protection

ARCOT 785B applications


Christelle Ferragut

Sales Manager