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ARCOT® 660 is a solvent based overbased calcium sulfonate anticorrosion additive for
formulation of a wide range of film forming anticorrosion compounds.
It is is used for rust preventive applications such as automotive
undercoating and cavity protection as well as anticorrosion waxes formulations.
It is compatible with most hydrocarbon solvents, mineral oils, waxes, petrolatums
and resins.
The formulated compound shall be applied to form a continuous protective
film. The percentage of the additives in the formulation depends on the expected
ARCOT® 660 gives to formulated products a very good adhesion to metals even in very damp atmosphere.

Technical characteristics

State: Paste
Solvent based|Salt spray test: 30% in SN100 = 288 h; 30% in White Spirit = 480 h
Medium to long term Protection

ARCOT 660 applications


Christelle Ferragut

Sales Manager