NOVAWOOD: Delivery of the gas boiler


The construction of the Novawood biomass cogeneration plant is well underway! On June 3rd, an important step in the project was taken with the delivery of the gas boiler to back up the biomass cogeneration plant.


This gas boiler, measuring 13.9m long, 5.5m high and 7.4m wide (and weighing 61t), was transported in one piece in the last few days by category 3 exceptional convoy from Stein Energy’s workshops in Cernay (Haut-Rhin) to Laneuveville-devant-Nancy, on the outskirts of Novawood’s construction site, where it was unloaded and installed using a crane.

The natural gas boiler will operate mainly as a back-up, particularly during maintenance shutdowns of the biomass cogeneration plant, in order to meet the constant needs of the Novacarb site in Laneuveville-devant-Nancy all year round.

Initiated in February 2020, the Novawood biomass cogeneration plant is scheduled for finishing in the third quarter of 2022. This project, the first major step in Novacarb’s energy transition, will be followed in a second phase by Novasteam, a project to build and operate a plant to recover energy from Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF).

Combined, Novawood and Novasteam will enable the La Madeleine site to reduce its CO2 emissions by 60% and to be coal free by 2024. This initiative is part of the SEQENS group’s CSR approach, which was initiated in 2010 and which aims to reduce the energy intensity of its activities by 60% by 2025.

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