Faced with the pandemic, the mobilization of the Seqens group’s quality and regulatory teams is essential


In March 2020, the Seqens group started, at the request of the French government, a production of hand sanitizers in order to compensate for the failures of the historical market players and to avoid risks of supply disruption in sensitive sectors such as hospitals and nursing homes.

In a few days, Seqens became the first French manufacturer with a production of up to 100,000 liters per day!

It was first and foremost a human adventure, which required the mobilization of various teams in our different sites. At the heart of project management, quality and regulatory affairs had to be highly responsive and work jointly with the other team members.

Our regulatory affairs department has organized product registrations in the different targeted countries, but also the generation of labels, in accordance with national requirements. Isopropanol, an alcohol manufactured in our Roussillon plant, was registered as a biocidal active ingredient thanks to its purity and quality recognized by the European authorities.

The Regulatory Affairs Department also coordinated technical studies in order to be able to guarantee the users the efficiency, stability and quality of our products.

Our sites have helped each other in the supply of raw materials. The strength of the Seqens group is to be an integrated player, offering a Made in France product. The quality team of Roussillon has organized the implementation of analysis and certificates of analysis of our packaged pharmaceutical quality water for delivery to our Bourgoin-Jallieu plant, in charge of the assembly of sanitizers. The mobilization of the quality assurance and quality control teams was a determining factor in the success of this incredible adventure.

Similarly, our supplier quality teams had to qualify suppliers in record time for the raw materials, packaging articles and packaging contractors entering the manufacturing chain of our new range of hand sanitizers called “NAAHA“. The audit teams verified in the field the satisfactory level of our various partners and their good adequacy with our quality requirements and the values of our group, highly committed to CSR.

Our laboratories and scientific teams have expedited the development of analytical methods in order to determine, for example, the alcohol content that confirms the effectiveness of our products and guarantees its stability.

Agility and responsiveness, a commitment to serving the community to provide solutions and address the global health crisis, rewarded with the European Care Award 2020. As Pierre Luzeau (President of the Seqens Group) points out: “Our NAAHA™ range offers the expertise, traceability and security of supply of a world leader in pharmaceutical synthesis”.