The Regulatory Affairs Team at Seqens: its strategic status for the Group and its customers


The Seqens Regulatory Affairs Team gathers 20 passionate, committed and cheerful people to support Seqens growth. The team has grown with the Group up to 20 people today, the RAT is still growing to cover all regulations to which Seqens products comply.

Which ones? Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, Medical Devices, REACH, Biocides, and Food. Everything is covered, nothing escapes the corporate team.

RAT missions are vast and diversified to ensure Group projects and site support, site and product compliance and Customer support. Daily work needs collaborative, polyvalent and international expertise skills to provide a full-service solution to internal and external customers. The team fully works in line with the 5 Seqens Values.

Agility & Reactivity

RAT is adaptable and gets the bandwagon in any circumstances. What could be better example of NAHAA where RAT participates to the development of the new brand at the same time as developing new skills, working on strategic projects, ensuring new registrations and compliance, supporting their customers and distributors.


RAT is also involved in elaboration and/or review of new guidelines, regulations, pharmacopoeia and is part of industrial associations and consortiums to be aware of new requirements, new regulatory evolutions to anticipate and be ready to face regulatory changes and maintain a competitive intelligence.

Customer focus

Business teams and RAT work hands to hands on Seqens new developments and projects, geo expansions, customer registrations. Regular meetings on registration strategies, technical tools and databases are in place to work efficiency; specific and dedicated supports are proposed to customers when needed.


RAT is in contact with regulatory authorities around the world. Each geographic area and country have their own specificities. Regulatory requirements and authorities are more and more demanding even on well-established molecules such as paracetamol and aspirin. Seqens teams have the perseverance to meet the challenges they may face. The team growths and acquires expertise to be able to register all over the world. When needed, the team seeks outsourced expertise and relies on agents, consultants, distributors to have an in-depth knowledge of requirements.


Seqens is one team. All departments are closely related and cannot move on without a teamwork. Regulatory team collaborates with all departments such as Quality, Business, Purchase, Supply Chain, R&D, etc. to collect technical data needed for registration and to provide regulatory requirements and to agree together on a regulatory strategy to make Seqens a key player in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Compliance, Support and Projects are the DNA of the regulatory team.