Digitalization – For more agile supply chain process

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The monitoring of the current order book, the forecasts of future demand and the associated indicators are essential elements in the management of the performance of the Seqens plants.

In our business, where agility and flexibility are vectors of performance, real-time access to information is particularly important.

The raw data existed but was hardly available and explicit. We therefore decided to gather past and present data (SAP) as well as future data (forecasts) in a single management tool: QlikView.

Philippe Pessina

Global Supply Chain Manager at Seqens EDS

A solution that provides a global, instantaneous and exhaustive vision of the activity, with a modeling at will by period, product line, client…

The tool allows notably to easily obtain, and in real-time, the order book depth, the prices per order, the rate of transformation of the forecasts, and the “gaps-to-forecast”.

Today, it has become the reference tool for sales teams, order tracking and an essential support during business rituals.

Ludovic Lyonnet

General Manager at Seqens SPS

In conclusion, from the General Manager to Sales, Finance or Supply Chain, everyone can access their company’s level of activity in 2 clicks and be able to challenge the teams. And success is measured by the rapid adoption of many other group entities…