Seqens women portraits: Juliette Martin, PhD


Starting from International Women’s day 2024 and throughout March, we highlight portraits of the women who contribute every day to the development and growth of SEQENS.

Juliette MARTIN is one of them: she’s in charge of all pharmaceutical scientific communication.

She holds a PhD in chemistry and joined the group in 2006. Since then, she had several positions such as R&D Manager in one of the industrial pharma site and Site Manager at Protéus by Seqens, a pioneer in enzyme optimization, tailored enzymes and biocatalytic processes.

What does international Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s a celebration day! As it aims to draw attention to women’s achievements and the fight for gender equality. Celebrating, educating, communicating and mobilizing the global community is the best way to reach the goal of no longer requiring to designate a specific date for celebration.

How do you perceive the changing role of women in industry and science?

On the whole, the representation of women in industry and science have improved significantly in the last decades. Talented women are more and more recognized with leadership positions in industry. Leadership styles need to be based on personal attributes, not gender-based expectations. Undoubtedly, there is a real mindset and organizational support across industries to tackle challenges with balancing life, family care and work. There are still some barriers along with some stereotypes that women need to face.

In science, the research and innovative contribution of women are better recognized. But we still need to fight for equal visibility and recognition of women’s scientific achievements. As an example, the outstanding work and contribution of Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of DNA was only recently highlighted for her determinant role.

What does it mean today to be a woman working in industry/science, and at Seqens?

Recognizing the importance of allyship as an effective way to strengthen the mindset, equity, and inclusive excellence of all genders, is the spirit of Seqens.

One of its leitmotiv is “our science for your future”, recognizing the importance of science in its activities and organization. I would add that: Science is a journey, technology is a road, progress and success are the destination! A company like Seqens, will embark and elevate its talented people regardless of genders to this journey.