Safety is at the heart of our activities


As a key player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients, Seqens deploys all its know-how to provide its customers with quality products.

Our activities in chemistry, development and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients have one thing in common: they are a source of potential hazards for the environment, for the populations living near the plants, and first and foremost for the personnel involved in the daily operations of production, maintenance and logistics.

From then on, the central objective always remains the same: “Risk control”, at all times, at all levels, in all circumstances.

Ensuring health and safety at all our sites means preserving our most important asset: the men and women who make up the company. This is why we make it an absolute priority.

Yann grevillot – EHS director

Over the next few weeks, you will discover successful safety projects deployed in our plants, in production, maintenance, laboratories and R&D centers. Enjoy your discovery and welcome to SEQENS!