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Di-n-butyl ether

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Di-n-butyl ether


Di-n-butyl ether is a speciality solvent which is finding increasing use as a replacement for THF in Grignard, wittig and other organbo-metallis reactions and is used in the production of CD-R. It is an excellent solvent for oils, fats and some natural and synthetic resins. Its properties make it robust for use with either organic acids or alkalis. It is used in the manufacturing process of a range of pharmaceutical API’s such Procarbazine and Cefaclor. Manufacture of agrochemicals such as Cyhexatin. CD-R manufacture uses Di-n-butyl Ether as the principle solvent for the application of the coating. Used widely in Alkyl Lithium, Wittig and other organo-metallic reactions. Low water and peroxide content and high boiling and flash points allows for higher process temperatures. Its flashpoint is higher than other conventional solvents adding to its safety aspects, and it is a mucg easier solvent to recover than THF, making the process more economic.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 142-96-1
Empirical formula: C8H18O
State: Liquid
Purity: >99.5%|Boiling point:142.4°C|Flashpoint: 25°C


  • 1-butoxybutane

Alastair Lloyd

BU Director