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Coasol 290 plus

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Coasol® 290 Plus is a very high performance coalescing system which gives the formulator flexibility to achieve low VOC targets whilst improving paint performance in a number of areas.

Coasol® 290 Plus has a boiling point at 290°C and finds an application in industrial cleaners where its eco-profile distinguishes it from other technologies. It is used in hard surface cleaners, as a component in printing paint cleaners, for removal of floor wax. Certain Graffiti removal formulations use its high degree of solvency. It is also used in nail polish removing formulations.

Coasol® 290 Plus is used with unsaturated polyester resins or epoxy resin systems, and can be used as a low tail solvent in coil coatings, or to reduce VOC in high solid formulations.

Coasol® 290 Plus has been used in a number of oil-field applications including low temperature fluids, wax dispersion and degreasers.

Technical characteristics

State: Liquid
Boiling Point: 290°C

Coasol 290 plus applications

Paint and coatings

Steve Hancill

Sales Manager