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ARCOT® 649 is a solvent free rust preventive additive, used in a wide range of
film forming anticorrosion products.It is an overbased calcium sulfonate in mineral oil.
ARCOT® 649 is used for protection applications such as protection products for
ballast tank and other devices, automotive undercoating protection, cavity protection,
protection product for industrial gears.
This product exhibits a good adhesion to metal surfaces as well as good
demulsification properties in solvents.
Thanks to its high TBN, ARCOT® 649 can also be used for protection applications in
acidic atmosphere.
ARCOT® 649 is compatible with most hydrocarbon solvents, mineral oils (from
group I to Group V base stocks), waxes, petrolatums and resins.
For an optimum dispersion of ARCOT® 649, heat between 50 ° C and 70 ° C with strong stirring, and preferably type Ultra-Turrax.

Technical characteristics

State: Paste
Oil based|Salt spray test: 30% in SN100 = 48 h; 30% in White Spirit = 288 h
Medium to long term Protection

ARCOT 649 applications


Christelle Ferragut

Sales Manager