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ARCOT® 638 is a solvent free overbased calcium sulfonate in mineral oil
anticorrosion additive.
It is used in a wide range of film forming anticorrosion products and
for metalworking fluids. It exhibits a good adhesion to metal surfaces as well as good
Extreme Pressure and antiwear properties.
It is compatible with most hydrocarbon solvents, mineral oils, waxes, petrolatums
and resins.
Synergies can be obtained between sulfurized additives and phosphorus-based
ARCOT® 638 is used for protection applications such as cavity protection, car
undercoating protection, industrial gears protection, ballast tanks protection as well
as soluble and neat metalworking fluids formulations.

Technical characteristics

State: Thick liquid
TBN360 overbased calcium sulfonate

ARCOT 638 applications


Extreme pressure