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Pre-formulation and Early-Formulation Studies to Drive Strategies to Enhance Drug Dissolution

White paper

Approximately 90% of new drug candidates are poorly water soluble which are related to various formulation-related performance challenges. Referring to this increasing number, Seqens experts have focused on the study of strategies to consider the enhancement of pharmaceutical drugs bioavailability.

Fueled by computational and scientific advances, such as combinatorial chemistry and high throughput
screening, the pipeline of Leads compounds in drug discovery is expanding remarkably. These strategies
have provided early-stage teams with improved tools to investigate previously undruggable targets, which consequently has oriented discovery toward increasingly complex, poorly soluble molecular targets.

In this white paper, a special focus is made on the need to understand, at early stage, the behaviour and the characteristics of these compounds, especially physical, chemical and biological properties. Pre-formulation studies are required to ensure the best drug performance prior to further process development for producing and delivering Active Ingredients.

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