High performance enzyme ready for shipment


Protéus by Seqens’ team has recently developed and produced a highly efficient enzyme. It is operated for the biocatalytic production of a pharmaceutical intermediate at multi-ton scale, within SEQENS CDMO manufacturing plants.

Proteus leveraged its proprietary technology platform, Seqenzym®, to develop an enzyme presenting an exceptional activity level : hundreds of ppm of the enzyme are sufficient for the reaction. This biocatalyst has been produced within our Pilot facility in Nîmes. Moreover, it has been custom-packaged to facilitate its industrial use.

Protéus by Seqens’ team implemented the best practices and successfully passed through a Quality Audit in order to achieve the required level of quality for delivering this biocatalyst.

Thanks to the strong commitment of our teams at Protéus, this is another achievement case for industrial biocatalysis applied to Pharmaceutical synthesis.