EDMS & QMS: a digital platform to promote the continuous improvement of Seqens products quality

Products & Technologies

The Seqens group is a major player in pharmaceutical synthesis, engaged in the total conformity of its processes and products, with the quality and regulatory requirements. In this domain also, choosing innovating solutions allows to bring the operations a unique platform supporting the files managing and the principal quality processes of the company, thus facilitating the folders knowledge and follow-up.

digiqual : a document and quality process management solution

In a few months of project, the Seqens teams accomplished the deployment of a managing documents solution accessible as in Asia than in Europe or North America, fulfilling all requirements of health authorities (FDA, ANSM, EMA …) regularly inspecting our factories, in particular datas integrity.

« Beyond a common referential, DigiQual (the name of the Seqens Quality platform) allowed a harmonization of practices on our different sites, while conserving a managed adaptation latitude to each specificities. » specifies Stéphanie Girard, the group Quality and Regulatory Director. «Accessible at any time, on our sites or at home office, DigiQual is our everyday tool to access the company files, or to follow the production incidents or the quality control resolution. Everyone’s efforts are directly translated to KPIs, gradually demonstrating our improvements and Seqens progress axes… »

DigiQual is developed on the Veeva Vault platform, recognized in pharmaceutical industries for its confirmed Saas solution. DigiQual is opened to all 3200+ Seqens employees who can find every required procedures to their daily work. The managing of the Quality events is restricted to certified personal, soon sharing an only tool on all 24 of Seqens production sites.