Improving customer service: a challenge for SEQENS group


Customer orientation is one of the priorities of the Seqens group for all its activities. It is not limited to the quality of the products, it includes the associated service and the understanding of the need for a rapid response in a customer-centric proactive approach.

The COVID crisis of 2020 has accelerated the digitalization within the Seqens group and thus improved the service to customers.

Several sites have worked on implementing solutions that allow for better responsiveness when our customers have questions about the quality of our products or their compliance with various regulations.

For example, the Seqens – Mineral Specialities site in La Madeleine has launched its “Qualit-e” and “One-CRM” platforms. They allow the site to share in real time and in a secure way numerous quality documents such as certificates or technical data sheets, but also to be reactive for the treatment of complaints with Customers and Distributors.

Several sites in the Pharmaceutical Solutions Business Unit have also set up a database of standard documents covering all the quality and regulatory questions regularly asked by customers in order to respond in a very short timeframe.

By anticipating customer questions and setting up the appropriate platforms, the work of the quality and regulatory teams is facilitated therefore proximity and trust with the customer are strengthened. This is crucial for selling in markets as demanding and regulated as pharmaceuticals, food or cosmetics.