Essential molecules: SEQENS invests in new technologies


As an integrated player in the drug production chain, from the production of intermediates to the production of active ingredients and from research and development to industrialization, SEQENS decides to accelerate the development and production on its industrial facilities of critical molecules along the value chain of essential drugs.

developing new processes and technologies

To carry out these projects, which are critical to our customers and stakeholders, SEQENS relies on the SEQENS’Lab, its R&D center to develop new processes and technologies and on four of its APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates production sites and a total investment of €65 million in capacity increase and implementation of new technologies.

Mapping of SEQENS projects
Mapping of SEQENS projects

Based on breakthrough technologies that guarantee a high level of performance, particularly in terms of safety and environment, the new units will enable competitive and sustainable production of these critical molecules on our production facilities.

“The Seqens Group is proud to participate in the development in France of value chains that are essential for the European health security and the health of our fellow citizens. The future of our industry will depend on the ability of our pharmaceutical synthesis companies to innovate and boost productive investments. SEQENS is ready to take up the challenge while relying on innovation, R&D and the skills of our teams on our production sites! “ says Pierre Luzeau, SEQENS’ President.