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Vitamin E TPGS

Pharmaceutical solutions
Vitamin E TPGS


Vitamin E TPGS comes from the esterification of Vitamin E succinate with PEG 1000.
Due to its properties, Vitamin E TPGS is used for various applications : pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic & personal care, nutraceutical… A large number of formulations using TPGS has been developed for many drugs in various therapeutic areas like anti-virus (HIV & Hepatisis C), antihyperlipidemic, central nervous sytem deseases (accute treatment of migraine), orphan deases, and approved by different agencies like FDA and EMEA, PMDA.
Vitamin E TPGS, a non-ionic surfactant, water soluble derivative of natural Vitamin E, is a multirole excipient for pharmaceutical drug delivery innovation.

Technical characteristics

CAS N°: 9002-96-4
Empirical formula: C33O5H54(CH2CH2OO)n
Regulatory package: DMF | USP | EU | USFDA
State: Liquid | Solid
Pharmaceutical|Nutraceutical|Food and beverage|Cosmetic and Personal Care|Animal nutrition


  • D-a tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate

  • Tocophersolan
  • Tocofersolan
  • TPGS

Cameron Faghani

Director, Sales and Business Development