Novacap broadens its range of high-quality specialty products with the startup of a new production unit of manufacture of DIPE (Diisopropyl Ether)

Novacap, a market leader in the pharmaceutical and chemicals industry and a major European player in oxygenated solvents through its Performance Chemicals Division, is continuing its development strategy for high added-value products with the launch of a new on-purpose Diisopropyl Ether (DIPE) unit. The new fully upstream integrated plant was designed using an innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient process.

Novacp increases its range of solvents

DIPE will increase the range of oxygenated solvents already produced by the division, including, in particular, Isopropanol, Acetone, and Isopropyl Acetate, which was launched at the end of 2014 and earned the group the Pierre Potier prize for scientific and technological innovation.
Widely used as an extraction solvent in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing specific active ingredients, DIPE also plays a role in the manufacturing process of numerous solvents used for resins and coatings, as well as in waste management.
“The innovative process used to manufacture Diisopropyl Ether sets new standards in terms of quality and marks a new stage in our development strategy, which is aimed at specializing in high added-value oxygenated solvents and specialty products,” explained Laurent Castor, Division Vice-President – Performance Chemicals.

Rousillon welcomes the new plant

The new plant, built on the Roussillon chemical platform, will have capacity of circa 5,000 tons. This project is an integral part of the Novacap Group strategy to become a leader in chemicals and life sciences, with a priority development focus on pharmaceutical industry markets.


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