This achievement reflects SEQENS strong commitment to reduce its environmental and carbon footprint in line with the Group ESG Program.

Power plant using wood chips inaugurated in Turku at the end of 2018

SEQENS, an integrated leader in the manufacturing of active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, announced its Finland based plant in Turku reached 100% renewable energy and zero scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions. This is the result of intensive plant initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint launched back in 2018 and has been accelerated within SEQENS ESG Program.

The first step towards zero carbon emissions was to move Turku plant to renewable steam, thanks to a new power plant using wood chips inaugurated in Turku at the end of 2018 and fully operational since 2019. The plant was invested by Turku Energy and supported by five companies which committed to purchase energy for 15 years.

Then, the plant moved to renewable electricity in 2020, using full local hydropower and wind electricity.

The last step was to move Turku plant to carbon free heating. The plant decreased progressively the use of fossil sources buying from Turku Energy 80% renewable electricity in 2020 and decided to move to 100% renewable sources in 2021, using wastewater heat recovery, wood chips and pellets.

The plant just signed a new contract for 100% renewable electricity supply, confirming its 0ton CO2 emission as from 2021.

Turku plant is a Generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and APIs Contract Manufacturing factory, with 106 employees. The plant was built in 1983 by Leiras, the company was acquired by Schering AG in 1996 before acquisition by PCAS in 2004. The plant then joined SEQENS following acquisition of PCAS in 2017.

Turku 100% renewable energy is a demonstration of Seqens ability to combine high reliability operations in generics and innovative APIs with a strong commitment on reducing its carbon footprint in line with the group ESG commitments and the needs from our customers. And we will keep going further regarding our commitment to constantly decrease our environmental footprint on all our facilities.

Pierre Luzeau


Over the last decade, SEQENS has reduced the carbon intensity of its activities by more than 30% across its industrial facilities. This major achievement for the group is the result of ambitious, concrete and engaging action plans deployed at its 24 production sites around the world and is an industry benchmark over a long period of time.​

Future projects will allow SEQENS to continue to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities by 60% in 2025.


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