In 2015, SEQENS Solvent and Phenol Specialties invested in a new production unit of isopropyl acetate in Roussillon (France). Based on an innovative process, with a reactive distillation and a high energy efficiency, this project has been awarded by the Pierre Potier Price, promoting innovation for sustainable chemistry.

The main raw materials, produced locally, are isopropanol and acid acetic which is a by-product of the acetylsalicylic acid produced by SEQENS EDS in a virtuous circular loop.

Since the start of the unit in January 2016, the development of sales has been very successful and the initial production capacity quickly saturated.

So a project to expand the production capacity has been launched in 2018, implemented during 2019, and resulting in an increased total capacity of 9 000 t per year.

IPAC is a solvent mainly used for highly demanding end-markets:

  • Extractive solvent for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Printing Inks for food packaging
  • Fragrance carrier for cosmetics and fragrances
  • Synthetic resins production

Our ambition at SEQENS SPS is to continue developing our presence on highly demanding end-markets leveraging the quality of our product, our reactivity, reliability and service to our customers.

isopropyl acetate unit at Roussillon


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