“SEQENS Prix d’excellence” will reward excellence in innovative synthetic chemistry for sustainable development.

In 2019, the “Ile-de-France” Section of the French Chemical Society (SCF-IdF) will award 6 prizes of 650€ each to PhD students:

  • 3 awards attributed by the SCF-IdF section,
  • 2 awards attributed by SEQENS and YNSECT

The applicants to a SCF-IdF PhD Award (only one application allowed in this category) can also submit their application to an industrial Award (see the requirements below).Three SCF-IdF prizes will reward the scientific excellence in the main areas of chemistry from the non-exhaustive list below:

  • The Excellence Award in organic chemistry (organic synthesis, homogenous catalysis, supramolecular synthesis, photochemistry, green chemistry, chemistry of biomolecules, bioorganique, chemical biology).
  • The Excellence Award in inorganic, mineral and material chemistry (mineral and inorganic synthesis, core reactivity and / or surface, solid chemistry).
  • The Excellence Award in theoretical, physics or analytical chemistry (studies on chemical systems and associated analysis processes, reaction mechanisms, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, quantum and theoretical chemistry, molecular dynamics).

Three Research Excellence Prizes will be attributed by SEQENS, SANOFI and YNSECT, according to specific criteria defined by these industrials, as detailed below:

The SEQENS Prix d’Excellence will reward excellence in innovative synthetic chemistry for sustainable development. Like the other awards, the candidate must provide a full application form.

Eligibility criteria for the application

  • The candidate must have defended her/his PhD thesis between 01/01/2018 and 31/12/2018.
  • The candidate has to be enrolled in a doctoral school of Région Ile de France.
  • The candidate has to be a SCF membership.

Irrespective of the awards applied for: a commitment of the candidate to present this PhD work at the SCF-IdF meeting organized the 12th September 2019.

The application forms have to be sent as a single PDF file (size < 2 Mo) using the following naming: “nameofthecandidate_nameoftheaward.PDF” by email to the address

Deadline: 17th June, 2019 at midnight, Paris time (later submission will not be eligible),

SEQENS-PhD-Thesis Award-SCF-IDF-Prize 2019


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