SEQENS is committed, through its Drug Delivery Business Line, to accelerate its capabilities in Lipids & Polymers manufacturing on one of our cGMP Plant, located in Aramon, France.

The 15 million-euros investment in a new state-of-the-art facility will ensure the growth in the demand of lipid-based RNA delivery, polymers for nucleic acid delivery, polymers for controlled drug release, especially in oncology, prodrugs manufacturing and polymer materials for medical devices Class IIb & III.

This new facility will be completed in Q2 2024 and will operate within ISO7 environment for the finishing area, adapted for the injectable applications. In order to support the customer needs from pre-clinical to commercial phases, SEQENS increases its capabilities with tens of Kgs scale for polymers production in addition to already existing manufacturing scale for several hundred of Kgs.  For the lipid-based RNA Delivery, SEQENS will produce Kg scale of lipids, especially ionizable lipids, which are the key ingredients for mRNA vaccines.

SEQENS will also reinforce its analytical expertise with best-in-class analytical equipment, including a GMP qualified 500 MHz NMR equipment for structural characterization of products and their impurities within high resolution, and qualified triple-detection size-exclusion chromatography systems for polymer molecular weight characterizations.

“This new facility reinforces our ambition to provide and secure all of our customers with double-sourcing capabilities. We are committed to propose best-in-class technologies to support our pharmaceutical customers.said Pierre LUZEAU, President CEO of SEQENS.

This massive investment, supported by the “France 2030” program, will continue to strengthen Seqens unique know-how and experience in the development and production of Specialty excipients, such as its existing range of bioresorbable polymers Expansorb® (PLA/PLGA/PCL catalog). Seqens also plans to offer a broad range of custom solutions such as hydrosoluble polymers like PEI, PBAE, PEG, PLL, polyoxazolines, polyacrylates, modified polysaccharides, derivatives and co-polymers thereof.

“With this new investment, SEQENS is leveraging its unique capabilities as a worldwide key leader in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical solutions from preclinical phases up to commercialization. This will broaden Seqens capabilities in the development and production of active delivery systems (Lipids and Polymers)” said Frédéric Schab, Head of Business Development CRDO.

In addition to the development of its Drug Delivery Solutions, SEQENS is investing significantly across the company to support customers’ growth in both its commercial and development products and technology platforms, including flow chemistry, high potency APIs, and biocatalysts. Seqens is also committed to the highest levels of environmental, social and governance standards, with 15 EcoVadis platinum and gold sites among its global integrated network, which comprises 24 manufacturing sites, 10 R&D centers, more than 300 scientists and 3,400 employees located on 3 continents.

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