SEQENS Cosmetics reinforces its scientific network

Exposome, longevity, glycomics and microbiome are strategic scientific plateforms at SEQENS Cosmetics where formal partnerships and collaborations are strengthened.

Dr Jean Krutmann, worldwide expert on Skin aging Exposome was present at IFSCC congress Munich, where we have introduced a poster on Psychosocial exposome. We will go on in 2019 and 2020 getting insights from Dr Krutmann to develop our next generation innovation on exposome.

Dr Craig Willcox, expert in Longevity at Okinawa University, has given a lecture together with Aïna Queiroz, at the occasion of Cosmetic 360 which took place at the Louvre in Paris last October. We also took advantage of his presence to co-introduce our strategy on longevity to L’Oréal, the major worldwide player in well aging. A formal partnership is being set up for 2019, on transferring medical discoveries on longevity to skin aging.

SEQENS Cosmetics carries on its partnership with Pr Guezennec, former Research Director at Ifremer, on Blue Biotechnologies. A first product will be launched in April 2019.

A partnership is also being closed with Michael Kiril, Bulgarian company in the context of probiotics scientific thema, to have exclusive access to GLB44 bacteria, nobel prized for medical anti-stomach cancer properties and on the market as food supplement. A product is planned to be launched from this partnership in April 2019.