Technical characteristics

INCI name
Aqua (and) Propanediol (and) Crocus Sativus Flower Extract
Raw material
Saffron flower


Raw material certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard

Studies and results
In vitro

Our in vitro studies show that Sens’flower enables to:

  • reinforce the skin barrier and NMF via the stimulation of profilaggrin expression
  • effectively reduce cutaneous neurosensory discomfort by reducing the skin over-reaction (antagonistic activity on TRPV1)
  • control inflammation via an inhibitory effect on NF-κB activation, characteristic on an inflamed and sensitive skin.

In tubo – abiotic
The test evaluating protection of beta-carotene oxidation proved that intercorneocyte lipids are protected against oxidation by Sens’flower. Thus, skin barrier is reinforced.

In vivo

Our in vivo study conducted on 20 volunteers during 28 days showed:

  • a significant reduction of redness spots (until 16% of redness reduction between T0 and T28 – against placebo)
  • a diminution of the red area size on the face
  • 68% of respondents found their skin more comfortable, 55% said it is more beautiful and 65% found their skin softer and nicer to the touch

More about SENS’ Flower

  • Reinforces cutaneous barrier and NMF

Stimulation of profilaggrin expression and protection of intercorneocyte lipids

  • Enables to reduce proinflammatory answer

Reduction of NF-κB activation

  • Control of associated cutaneous signals

(redness, stinging, burning sensation)

  • Reduces cutaneous neurosensory discomfort

Antagonistic activity on TRPV1

  • Sootinh

Solution for reactive and hypersensitive skins