« Megasugar » produced by biotechnology

Sean anemone from the Moorea lagoon

Being part of French Polynesia, the island of Moorea is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and its exceptional biodiversity.
Our R&D experts were interested in Heteractis magnifica also called “the magnificent anemone”. It is the only species of sea anemone living in Polynesian waters.

Prospering in clear, bright waters with strong currents, the magnificent anemone co-exists with various fish and invertebrate species.
When exploring the bacterial flora of the Heteractis magnifica, our experts isolated a micro-organism of interest: alteromonas sp Mo 2.78. The microorganism releases exopolysaccharides into its surrounding environment, that act as a source of nutrition for its underwater partners.

Inspired by this harmonious association, Seqens Cosmetics Natural Ingredients has developed GLYCURON™ 2.78. This marine bio-active obtained from alteromonas sp bio-fermentation, that improves skin texture and enhances the glow-up.

Glycuron™ 2.78 is an exopolysaccharide with very special physicochemical properties. This 4 MDa sugar polymer, rich in uronic acid, shows very strong biological properties of brightness enhancement, together with sensory feeling impacting self-image perception and projected allo-perception.

Glycuron properties

  • Skin surface perfector
  • Skin moisturizer
  • Well-being enhancer

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