Technical characteristics

Glycuron™ 2.78

Certification: ISO16128 (Naturality Index)

Reference: LBG-278-01

« Megasugar » produced by biotechnology

Glycuron™ 2.78 is produced by Alteromonas sp strain. This microorganism has been collected in Moorea sea lagoon, in associated with a sea anemone. Glycuron™ 2.78 is an exopolysacharide with very special physicochemical properties (see below). This 4million Da sugar polymer, rich in uronic acid is liquid at 0.5% in water, and shows very strong biological properties of hydration and brightness enhancement, together with generating sensory feeling that is able to impact image self-perception and projected allo-perception.


  • Skin hydration
  • Skin surface perfector
  • Improves self image and projected allo-perception

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Surface: 2, 000 m²

Lab surface: 70 m²

Capabilities: 4, 570 L of cosmetics reactors (80 L to 1 400 L)

Flagship technologies: Botanical extraction


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Number of scientists: 3

EcoVadis CSR Rating: Gold Certification