Technical characteristics

Cell’ intact ™

Antioxidant – Anti-pollution- Skin micribiota reinforcer

Raw material

Cosmos certified: on a selection of references

Buckwheat seed extract for urban skin

Buckwheat seed is the key ingredient of our active for urban skin Cell'intact

Buckwheat is becoming the trendy super seed thanks to all its nutrients. This pseudocereal is full of polyphenols with antioxidant powers and is the only one that contains rutin.
It can also act as a prebiotic thanks to sugars like D-Fagomine that enhance immune defenses.
The buckwheat is known as one of the first domesticated crops on the planet. Today it is used in organic farming as a soil ‘cleaner’, this is called phytoremediation. Indeed, this plant has the ability to promote specific bacteria in the ground that are useful for its own growth and for the quality of the soil.
At Seqens Cosmetics Natural Ingredients we sourced this organic raw material from a responsible and ethical certified farmer in the historical Brittany region in France (Protected Geographical Indication certified product).
From this exceptional plant, our experts have developed Cell’intact™, a super shield active for urban skin at the crossroads of atmospheric and cutaneous microbiota (Expo’biota concept).

CELL’INTACT properties

  • Anti-pollution skin booster
  • Skin microbiota reinforcer
  • Oxidative stress reducer
  • Skin complexion perfector