Technical characteristics

Cell’ intact ™

Antioxidant – Anti-pollution

Raw material

Cosmos certified: on a selection of references

Studies and results

In tubo – abiotic

Protection against the oxidative attacks produced by a thermolabile free radical (ORAC study)

In vitro

Protection of the probe fluorescence against oxidation by hydrogen peroxides (DCFH study)

Ex vivo

  • Significant reduction of the MDA – MalonDiAldehyde- release >> protection against lipoperoxidation (MDA study)
  • Study of 2 tight junctions proteins, Claudins-1 and -4 expression in case of UV aggressions >> protection against proteins oxidation (immunostaining)
  • Study of the glyoxalase I expression, enzyme that sets off in case of an oxidative attack of the cell >> physiological level of this cell detoxification system kept (immunostaining)

Studies and results

In presence of a pollutant (benzo(a)pyrene), Cell’intact enables to :

  • Reduce the proinflammatory answer: reduction Interleukin-8 release
  • reinforce the architectural epidermis network via the protection of tight junctions proteins (Claudine 1 and 4)


  • Scavenge residuous free radicals
  • Protect the intercellular and transmembranar integrity
  • (lipids and proteins)
  • Preserve the glyoxalase I physiological level
  • Prevention against oxidative damage stress
  • Antioxidant and Anti-pollution